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Arts & Crafts

Below is a listing of our current inventory of Arts & Crafts era artwork.* Most works are color woodblock prints but there are some color etchings, oil paintings and watercolors as well.

Many are framed in new period-style oak frames. Framing will be noted in the listing.

*I am no longer doing the Arts & Crafts Show in Asheville each February but I am by no means retiring. I will continue to offer new inventory periodically via email “blasts” (much as I currently do with my Fine Prints inventory). So be sure you Join Our Email Group to insure you are alerted about new inventory.

Arts & Crafts Frames

This is an example of the framing used in most of the artwork on this page. This is a faithful copy of a period frame that I gave to Josh to replicate years ago. Of course, graining will be different on all frames. These frames are hand made and splined on all corners and hand finished by Josh. Frame images from left to right or top to bottom: Full Frame Front, Front Corner Detail and Back Corner Detail.