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We Buy Print Blocks

Provincetown printing blocks: I consider the printing blocks that produced the Provincetown Prints works of art themselves. Since the entire image is on the one block and residual color from the last printing is often on the block, they are often quite beautiful. I curated a show of printing blocks by Agnes Weinrich, Karl Knaths and Ora Inge Maxim at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum in 1988.

Look for (usually) soft-wood blocks of ordinary board with incised grooves and remaining color in the block (the brighter the colors the better)… but don’t enhance the color yourself or clean the block! There is usually a carved groove around the border of the image. There is often another image carved on the back. These blocks are rarely signed. I am interested in buying these printing blocks.

Examples of Print Blocks

Sought Artists

  • Ada Gilmore

  • Ora I. Maxim

  • Mary Burr Russell

  • E. Hergeshiemer

  • L. Meeser

  • Maude Squire

  • Mabel Hewit

  • Mary Mullineux

  • A. H. Taylor

  • Edna B. Hopkins

  • Angele Myrer

  • Hope Vorhees

  • K. Knaths

  • Juliette Nichols

  • Feral Warthen

  • Blanche Lazzell

  • B. J. O. Nordfeldt

  • Agnes Weinrich

  • Ethel Mars

  • E. Ravenscroft

  • Edith Wilkinson

  • Etc

Please Note: This list is not all-inclusive.