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We Buy Etchings & Lithographs

Etchings and Lithographs: c. 1880-1940’s. Pencil-signed. I am interested in any works by the artists listed under Sought Artists as well as strong images (city scenes, rural and industrial images, modernists prints, western scenes and any stamped “WPA”prints) by other artists. I am also interested in color etchings from the period 1890-1935 that have a good Arts & Crafts feel. I am particularly interested in color etchings with aquatint by John Wesley Cotton (Can./Amer. 1869-1931) and George Senseney (Amer. 1874-1943).

Examples of Etchings & Lithographs

Martin Lewis
"Glow of the City"
Charles Sheeler
“Delmonico Building”
Benton M. Spruance
“Flashy Back”
Grant Wood
“December Afternoon”
James Allen
Milton Avery
“Nude Combing Hair”
Thomas Hart Benton
“Prodigal Son”
Alfred H. Hutty
“Southern Primitive”

Sought Artists

  • James Allen

  • John Taylor Arms

  • George Bellows

  • Thomas Hart Benton

  • George Elbert Burr

  • Paul Cadmus

  • Glenn O.Coleman

  • John Wesley Cotton

  • John Steuart Curry

  • Childe Hassam

  • Edward Hopper

  • Armin Landeck

  • Martin Lewis

  • Louis Lozowick

  • John Marin

  • Kyra Markham

  • Reginald Marsh

  • George Senseney

  • Benton Spruance

  • Stow Wengenroth

  • Grant Wood

  • Etc

Please Note: This list is not all-inclusive.