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Woodblock Prints: Sought Artists

M. Avery E. Kaan A. Crawford W. J. Phillips
G. Baumann E. Keith E. Ravenscroft*
A. Bieler R. Kent Luigi Rist
W. Corwin & Waldo Chase K. Knaths* Mary Burr Russell*
E. Colwell G. Kolski R. Ruzicka
A. W. Dow P. Landacre L. Schanker
W. Drewes Blanche Lazzell C) A. R. Huger Smith
L. Feininger T. Lindenmuth Charles W. Smith
F. Morley Fletcher Bertha Lum Maude Squire*
E. D. Gardiner Ethel Mars (0) A. H. Taylor*
F. Gearhart Ora I. Maxim* Hope Pfeiffer
Ada Gilmore* L. Meeser* Vorhees*
Norma B. Hall Mildred McMillan Ferol Warthen*
E. Hergeshiemer* Mary Mulhneux* Max Weber
Mabel Hewil* Angele Myrer* Agnes Weinrich (0)
Edna B. Hopkins* Juliette Nichols* Marguerite Zorach
Sadie Irvine B. J. O. Nordfeldt* William Zorach
Paul Jacoulet M. J. Patterson Etc.
Jane B. Judson C. H. Pepper

Note: This list is not all-inclusive

*These artists were know to have created Provincetown White Line Color Woodcuts


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