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We buy many prints through the mail. To those of you have never done this, it is not as daunting as it seems. A good image (preferably through email) or a photo or photocopy by mail with an accurate condition report is usually all we need.

We can often identify that “mystery” signature from a good photo, photocopy or hand drawn facsimile.



You might consider bringing items to shows where we exhibit (see “Shows” link on this site for locations and dates). We also attend many large shows in the east (Brimfield, Stella’s Pier Shows, Scott’s Atlanta, etc.) and travel the east coast to Florida in the fall and winter months.

We will also come to you if the item(s) warrant it. We are also available, by appointment, at our office in Vermont.


These days, we are all plugged in to the internet, so email ( is almost always the best way to contact us. One may leave a message if we are out of the office or call on our cell phone, 802.291.3764.

We are serious dealers and are happy to be offered good merchandise. We prefer to have items priced (generally a must from other dealers) but will make offers providing the item is actually for sale. Please don’t contact us if you are simply looking for a free appraisal (or at least be honest about it from the start). We will never try to “beat” you down for a lower price; our response is usually as simple “yes” or “no.” We have been buying from many of the same people for years and we think that speaks well of our way of doing business. We will never expose your merchandise to potential clients or other dealers without your approval.

We look forward to hearing from you. Our response will always be courteous, professional, confidential and rapid.


We pay generous finder’s fees for items you alert us to (and we end up buying) from shows, shops, estate sales, auctions, etc. Call or email and, if possible, send along an image and description.


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