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Fine Prints: Alphabetical by Artist

All items are hand signed by the artist unless specifically noted otherwise.

All items are properly matted and unframed unless otherwise noted. All defects, minor and major, are noted.

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PEGGY BACON (Amer. 1895-1987)

"THE SIGHTS OF TOWN*," lithograph, 1946, F151, ed. 250, 8 1/4 x 10 3/8.” Signed in pencil.  $175. *A view on Cape Cod--either Provincetown or Wellfleet--exhibiting Bacon’s wry humor. (That's the flash from the camera in the left side of the image).

CYRUS L. BALDRIDGE (Amer. 1889-1975)

"A TURN TO THE EAST," with "PEKING"(aka "CHINA GATE"), color woodcut, 1925, 9 1/2 x 14 1/2.” Signed in pencil. $295. Cyrus Leroy Baldridge and Caroline Singer’s "Turn to the East" portfolio with original color woodblock titled “Peking” plus 8 photo offset color lithographs. Pristine condition. Published by Shozaburo Watanabe. In original portfolio. From the estate of publisher William Edwin Rudge.

ARTHUR WESLEY DOW (Amer. 1857-1922)

“RIVER REFLECTION," color woodcut, c. 1910, ed. small, 11 x 8 1/8.” Unsigned as is most common. $2950. This impression exhibited at the Minnesota Institute of Art in "Color Woodcuts in the Arts and Crafts Era," September 14, 2019-March 22,2020.This is a good example of how Dow liked to vary the coloration of the same blocks to create a wholly different mood, time of day or season. Provenance: from the estate of an heir of the artist.


EMIL GANSO (Amer. 1895-1941)

"STILL LIFE WITH FRUIT," color lithograph, 1935, S-L102b, ed. 35, 12 x 15 7/8.” Signed in pencil.  $375. Slight cockling to sheet.

NORMA BASSETT HALL (Amer. 1889-1957)

“OCTOBER IN SANTA FE, color woodcut, 1948 ,P86, ed. 100, 10 x 8.” Signed in pencil. $2950. 9th Presentation Print for the American Color Print Society and with the original folder cover.

EDNA BOIES HOPKINS (Amer. 1872-1937)

"PETUNIA,," color woodcut, 1907-8, V51ii, 7 x 4 1/2." Signed with chop mark in block only. $750.

Signed with the artist’s chop mark only. This original woodcut was bound into a high quality short-lived literary publication in 1908. It was printed “from the original blocks by careful working on a hand press.” There was also a “very limited” number of this image that was hand printed and signed in pencil (I have seen only one of those in 25+ years).

JANE BERRY JUDSON (Amer. 1868-1935)

AFTERGLOW--SHEEPSCOT RIVER, ME.," color woodcut, c. 1925-30, ed. 19/100, 8 x 6.” Signed in pencil. $1350.

Upper right corner clipped, well out of image area. Judson was a member of the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts; elected a Craftsman in 1930 and promoted to Mastership in 1932.

MARTIN LEWIS (Amer. 1881-1962)

“BOSS OF THE BLOCK,” etching & aquatint, c. 1939, M128, ed. c. 212, 10 7/8 x 7 5/8.” Signed in pencil. $1650.

BERTHA LUM (Amer. 1869-1954)

“TEMPLE IN RAIN,” color woodcut, 1916, GP48, ed. > 89, 10 1/4 x 4 3/4.” Signed in pencil. $1450. Also known as “Pagoda in Rain.” Provenance: Hirschl & Adler Galleries, New York. In a nice Arts & Crafts style gilt frame. Another impression of this print is in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum.

BERTHA LUM (Amer. 1869-1954)


KYRA MARKHAM (Amer. 1891-1967)

“NIGHT CLUB," lithograph, 1935, 13 7/8 x 10 1/2.” Signed in pencil. $5750. From the collection of Rosalie Berberian. Numbered 1-21 in the margin.


"CIGARETTES," woodcut, 1938, ed. 50, 10 x 8.” Signed in pencil. $525. This image was reproduced as one of 12 images for the AMERICAN BLOCK PRINT CALENDAR of 1938, published by Gutenberg Publishing Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Murphy was a student and teacher at the Rhode Island School of Design. She exhibited with the Boston Art Club, the Society of American Etchers, the Philadelphia Print Club and the National Academy of Design among others. Another impression of this print is in the collection of the National Gallery of Art.


JOSEPH PENNELL (Amer. 1860-1926)

"EDGAR THOMSON WORKS, BESSAMER," etching, 1909, W517, 10 7/8 x 7 7/8.” Signed in the plate only.  $175. Unsigned. From the estate of publisher William Edwin Rudge. Full margins.

JOSEPH PENNELL (Amer. 1860-1926)

"ON THE WAY TO BESSAMER," etching, 1908, W520, 11 x 7.” Signed in the plate only. $175. Unsigned. From the estate of publisher William Edwin Rudge. Full margins.

FERMIN ROCKER (Brit./Amer. 1907-2004)

Rocker was born in London in 1907, son of the famous anarchist, Rudolph Rocker. He settled in New York in 1929 where he worked as a commercial artist, illustrator and printmaker. he lived in New York City and, for a time, on an agricultural commune up the Hudson River from New York City. He returned to London in 1972. Four graphic images are offered below. I also own 2 paintinsg by Rocker: a view of the Alamo and a scene of a ski train disgourging passengers, likely a scene up the Hudson or in Vermont. Please inquire if any might be of interest.


FERMIN ROCKER (Brit./Amer. 1907-2004)

“HUDSON PANORAMA," etching, 1940, 8 x 11 7/8.” Signed in pencil. $595. An impression of this print was exhibited at the Society of American Etchers exhibition in 1940.

MAUD W. SHERWOOD (NZ 1880-1956)

FLOWERS IN A GREEN VASE, color woodcut, 8 1/2 x 7 3/4.” Signed in pencil. $650. Sherwood was a notable New Zealand artist, exhibiting at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, the Royal Academy of Arts, London and the Paris Salon.

CHARLES W. SMITH (Amer. 1893-1987)

ABSTRACTIONS, [Book w/ 6 orig. color woodcuts], ed. 250, 10 x 8 1/2.” Unsigned as issued. $1,800.

The artist’s landmark book, published in 1939 by the Johnson Publishing Company, New York. With 6 original abstract color woodcuts bound in. Prints are unsigned, as usual. Another copy of this work is in the collection of the Library of Congress.

ROY VANDAM (Amer. 20th c.

CITY RAILYARD, lithograph, 7 1/4 x 10 3/4.” Signed in pencil. $275. Small stain upper margin out of matting area.

ERNEST W. WATSON (Amer. 1884-1969)

“COAL YARD,” color linocut, ed. 60/100, 9 1/8 x 7 7/8.”  Signed in pencil.  $650. Very faint mat line, matted out. Few specks of light foxing in the margins. Good colors in this very atmospheric image.


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