Steven Thomas, Inc.


Paintings/Works on Paper: I am always interested in original artwork by known graphic artists especially if these works are preparatory works for prints. In addition, I am interested in the following:

Sporting Art Especially golf, football and baseball subjects.

Illustration art.

Canadian artists.

Provincetown, Massachusetts Subject matter.

Paintings and prints by Fermin Rocker. He did nice social realist scenes in both oil and print media. I've also seen his works signed simply "F.R." with a date.**Paintings by frank H. Desch (Are. 1878-1934). I am less interested in his early (c. 1910) illustrations of women in big hats (but will consider them nonetheless) and am especially interested in painting of women in interiors and in the open air or gardens. Desch is a relative unknown buy a favorite whose works I collect. His works can be more commonly found in the Pennsylvania/NewYork/New Jersey and Cape Cod, Massachusetts areas.


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